Vision and Mission

  • Mission

    To invest in sustainable, innovative technologies and operational excellence to deliver growth in strategically targetted markets together with exceptional customer service.

  • Vision

    Aim to be a globally recognized manufacturer of Epoxy Resins & Speciality chemicals by delivering enhanced value for all our stake-holders through best-in-class technology, innovation & differentiated products and services.


"Customer Focus": Our Actions are Driven by customer insights & helping them create value.

"Innovation": We develop new products by relentlessly pursuing "Why & What if". We strive to closely understand customer needs & market insights to create competitive advantage.

"Collaboration": Working together, both internally and externally, we create better solutions.

"Transparency & Integrity": We demonstrate high degree of transparency and integrity by taking full responsibility of our actions. We are trustworthy in our relationships and conduct business in transparent and ethical manner.

"Excellence": We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do through shared knowledge, personal development, continuous improvement, safety and best-in-class execution.