Quality Management

At HSCL, Quality Management is not merely a call of duty for us. We manage this crucial aspect through an unwavering commitment for quality, and continuous improvement in each and every operation to achieve 100% end-user satisfaction and quality objectives.

We are committed to offer best-in-class products to our customers for the entire range of product offerings by adopting:

  • The quality consciousness begins right when the purchase of raw material is made.
  • In-depth analytical testing and due approval before utilization.
  • Stringent control on parameters of error-free processing.
  • Comprehensive ‘intermediate’ quality monitoring.
  • Approval of final product after minute scrutiny before dispatch.
  • Zero tolerance for imperfections and no deviations from the set standards.

Our quality lab is equipped with best-in-class instruments which help us to achieve excellence in the evaluation of both incoming raw materials and outgoing value added products. Our quality team comprises of highly qualified and experienced chemists who are competent to test the products for various applications by adhering to stringent anlytical stnadards. We value our team and train them to combat all the new technological challenges that can help it to achieve better-than-expected results with outstanding reliability.