Corporate Social Responsibility

At Hindusthan Speciality Chemicals Limited, CSR is not just a static concept. It is a continuously moving and evolving target. CSR is all about the roles and responsibilities that come our way in meeting challenges which are closely associated with sustainable development. We interpret corporate responsibility as what we should do by going beyond the call of our duty.
  • We conduct our businesses with transparency, ethics, and accountability.
  • We make products that are safe and give their contribution to sustainability during their life cycle.
  • We promote and take care of the well-being of our employees.
  • We are always highly particular about those who are disadvantaged and marginalized.
  • We respect, protect, and make uniting efforts to restore the environment around us.
  • We always support equitable development and inclusive growth.

We always feel concerned about the society around which we are conducting our businesses, and think that a few percentages of what we are achieving must go back to it. Therefore, we plan, implement and ensure the things accordingly.