Ethical Management

Ethical management is all about values and behaviours. We, at Hindusthan Speciality Chemicals Limited, place ethics always on top priority. All the standards that we strictly follow in our business are based on transparent, fair and logical operations.

Our decision making is not based only on economical principles, but also on the foreword of ethical judgments. These include fully transparent accounting, fair terms, tax-paying and protection of environment, complying all standards in a fair and upright manner.

The following ethical characteristics make us an ethically responsible organization:

  • The existence of a clear vision & ission statement the existence. Our strong focus on transperancy and integrity as a core value.
  • The value are owned and embodied by the top level management.
  • The rewarding system is coordinated with the vision of integrity.
  • Each and every significant decision that management takes, contains ethical values.

Therefore, our ethical management practices not only help us to achieve our economic goals and perform all legal responsibilities, but also enable us to meet all the expectations enforced by different social norms in running the business.